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Electronic Book (eBook) FAQs

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Q. What file format should I submit?

A. Final, press-ready PDF files are used to prepare all eBook formats.


Q. Can C-M Books / Cushing-Malloy provide a file for Apple's iPad and iPhone?

A. Yes, ePub files are required for eBook use on both the iPad and iPhone. ePub files work on various other eReaders as well.


Q. Can C-M Books / Cushing-Malloy provide a file for Amazon's Kindle?

A. Yes, Mobi files are required for eBook use on the Kindle.


Q. Can I get an ebook in more than one format for the same price?

A. Please call for bundle or individual pricing.


Q. Will the running heads be included in my eBook?

A. Running heads and page numbers will not appear in eBooks prepared using ePub. Running heads and folios will appear in eBooks prepared in MobiPocket/Mobi and ePDF.


Q. Can URLs be linked in eBooks?

A. Yes, URLs may be linked as one-way, nonreciprocal links. Additional URLs may be added to eBooks to enrich the user's experience.


Q. How are changes/corrections handled?

A. You have 30 days after the receipt of files to submit corrections at no charge. After 30 days there is a nominal fee.


Q. How can eBooks be prepared when no digital files are available?

A. The print copy can be scanned and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processed to ready files for eBook conversion.


Q. Can .tiff files made from film be used for eBook preparation?

A. Yes, the tiff files can be OCR processed to ready files for eBook conversion. It is possible to generate .tiff files from archived film.


Q. Why is a second ISBN number suggested?

A. To track each electronic version of a print title, RR Bowker recommends publishers to assign a unique 13-digit eISBN number for each electronic version. Many publishers elect to assign a single eISBN number for all of their eBooks.