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Payment Options & Shipping

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Payment Options

Customers new to C-M Books / Cushing-Malloy are generally required to include a deposit with their order. Payment is due in full prior to the final shipping of completed books. Your representative will provide details. 

Acceptable payment formats are cash, check, wire (direct account transfer – discuss the details with your representative) and major credit card (credit card payment forms are available from your representative on request).

Other payment terms may be available, and are subject to credit reports/approvals. Your representative can provide these details upon request.


We have a complete packing and shipping department experienced with all forms of shipping.  Most of our shipping is done via motor freight. You may specify any carrier of your choice, or rely on using one of our preferred carriers.  Because we ship high volumes, our preferred carriers award us generous discounts.  We drop ship (to secondary, or multiple destinations) and specialize in small package shipping via U.P.S. We are happy to use your preferred courier as well (we receive generous discounts from most couriers). 

We do not offer storage or fulfillment service, however these services are available at companies close by.  We would be happy to provide referrals.