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Is this the first time you’re printing a book? Congratulations! Don’t worry – we’ve helped many folks print their books the first time (and many subsequent times too!). If you’re unfamiliar with the book manufacturing process, we like to compare printing a book to building a house.

When you’re building a house, first you (or your contractor) will ask a lot of questions about your needs and intentions - how many people will live in the house? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do we need? Do we need an attached garage? After answering dozens of questions like these, you then do a lot of research, figure out what types of houses you like, study various styles (A-frame vs. log cabin vs. bungalow), and then you plan and build the house.

With your book, you should first think about the intention of your book. Is it meant for a coffee table? A classroom? A nightstand? Then you might consider visiting a library or book store to find books like yours and to study all the options you have with book sizes, styles, formats, papers, covers, etc. Once you’ve found an example book that is most like the book you want to produce, it will be easier for you to talk with your book printer because you’ll be more readily able to explain your vision for your own book (the size, paper, cover style, binding, etc.).

Typically, the next step is to determine the specifications of your book. What type of paper, ink and cover stock will be used? What size is your book? How many pages? How many books do you need?

We can help you talk through the possibilities with each of these questions. We can also help you determine approximately how many pages your book will be (an estimated number is OK at this time, unless your book is completely written, formatted, and ready to go). Combine this information with an idea of the quantity (or quantities) that will meet your needs, and you are then ready for the next step - getting an estimate.

Estimates can be procured in several ways: 

  1. Via the web: We have a section on the web site “Request A Quote”, where a simple fill-in-the-blank form is available as well as an even easier option to paste your written specifications.
  2. Other electronic methods: In addition, specifications may be faxed or e-mailed. 
  3. By phone: We love phone calls! Sometimes it’s best to talk person-to-person, so we can discuss ideas and alternative options. When you call, you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice, never a mechanical device (unless of course you are calling after hours or on weekends, where a voice message may be left, and your call will be returned promptly the next business day).

Following the estimate process, the order will be placed and the fun begins!  Soon your book will be a reality.

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